Wednesday, March 14, 2007

THE THEORY OF OUR FUTURE ! (after BBC-News, 7pm ET, 3/14/07)
So many Nations now do have nuclear bombs(latest type) ! A few of them can wipe out Human existence so many times over !
But `Harrie,` `Harrie !`- oh ! the dreaming human beings , - what Sri Aurobindo ,(the 20th century Indian sage)once mildly said :
You can not destroy what you did not create. The Cosmos,the World, all being( including you) are butr expressionsw/manifestation of `the Divine `( the Absolute).
The dinosaurs did come and go. The apes and chimps were replaced by evolution of `man` with consciousness, -flowing outward.
If Humanity fails the gift from the Divine.,-Man will be replaced, in the same way, after the suicidal `game or Nuclear War of intelligent `fools` , by another`species` deserving better and higher life than this `animal-human beings `.
That may be the next Evolution of expanding Consciousness ` -
after the `Nuclear Ash`.You may `go` but the Evolution? -No !


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